We conquer any peaks, we act out of obstacles

The firm is established and focused on the Far East.


Multidisciplinary specialists focused on the result.


Ability to put yourself in the place of the client and offer the right solutions to problems.


Why choose Contra Legal Firm?

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Many law firms are trying to stand out from a long list of their competitors. We do not consider our colleagues as competitors. We only want to point out to potential customers some of the advantages that distinguish us from others.

Variability and Creativity

Multilateral solution of the problem and non-trivial approach

Openness and independence

Proper positioning, apoliticality, sufficient client portfolio

Healthy aggression

Achieving results with active stand

Confidence and reliability

Feeling of constant support and systematic control

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successful projects

Two lawsuits, initiated by two sides against each other, two counterclaims on each of the cases ...

31 Aug’18

Successful cases for customers from Seattle and Singapore in real estate and family law were implemented ...

27 Jul’18

By the forces of SF "Contra" the Client was able to obtain two socially significant objects in the city of Bolshoy Kamen (Heating network and Central heating station-12).

15 Jun’18

A contract was signed to protect the interests of a large logistics company in the Arbitration Court of Moscow for several tens of millions of rubles.

01 May’18

"Contra" law firm accompanied the conclusion of the Contract for the construction of "Sapphire screw-steering factory"

Managing partner


15 years